Mother Hires Shy Nanny For $5 An Hour – Has No Idea She’s The Future Princess Diana

Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess because of how well she was able to relate to regular, non-royal folks. Now, a story from Diana’s past has been revealed that has given insight as to why she was so down to earth.

Back in 1980, Mary Robertson was an American businesswoman living in London, England. Mary was looking for a nanny to watch her toddler son Patrick while she worked, and the only person she could find was an 18 year-old part-time nanny named Diana Spencer.

When Diana showed up for her interview, Mary was so impressed by her that she hired her on the spot and agreed to pay her $5 an hour. On top of watching Patrick, Diana was expected to do a variety of chores, like loading the laundry, picking up toys, and washing dishes.

One day, Mary discovered a deposit slip from Diana’s bank under the couch. Since Mary worked in finance, she knew right away that the name on the check was a surprising clue as to Diana’s identity. It was only then that Mary realized that her quiet, shy nanny was actually Lady Diana Spencer, an aristocrat from one of England’s oldest families.

It has come as a huge surprise to many that before she became a royal, Princess Diana was a nanny making just $5 an hour. No wonder she was able to relate to members of the public so well!

In the video below, you’ll see Mary talk about Diana and how she reacted when she blew her cover. The video is sure to make you love Princess Diana even more!


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