Mom Who Suffered Miscarriage Years Ago Is Stunned When 4 Year-Old Son Says ‘I Lived In Your Tummy Then I Died’

There’s an old saying that kids say the darnedest things, and while some of the things they say are hilarious, some of them are downright creepy.

Laura Mazza is a young mother from Australia who recently took to Facebook to reveal something her 4 year-old son told her that gave her chills. In her viral post, Laura recounted how her son Luca told her that he had died in her stomach and become an “angel” before returning.

“Before I was pregnant with Luca I had heavy bleeding. I remember having a positive pregnancy test and then a few days later bad pains and a heavy period. I wasn’t sure what it was, and only now that I’m wiser I have an idea,” Laura wrote.

“I got pregnant with Luca pretty much straight away,” Laura continued. “I knew Luca had walked this earth before. I could just tell the way he looked. Like a little old man, he’s always been wise and said some really funny things, sang along to old songs that he wouldn’t have heard in his 4-year-old life. But that day, in the bath, he said something that really shocked Laura and made her truly believe he is an old soul.”


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I found an old backpack of Luca’s and it had his artwork in there. I don’t know how long it was in there, but I know how proud he is to always show it to me, it made me feel guilty…and it made me think, I want them to know I tried. That mummy tried. Every day, she tried. Some days I missed it. Some days I really screwed up. I am impatient when you need patience. I yell when you needed me to help quieten you down. I am busy when you need attention, but my heart is always there. The wonder you see in the world, is the wonder I see in you. There’s not a moment where I don’t think you are incredible. Some days I am tired, I am stressed, Sometimes I’m in my own head. But my heart still beats for you. I want you to know my anxiety or depression was and is never your fault. And it was never caused by you. It’s because you are so perfect and wonderful that I am filled with fear and self doubt, Its because I love you with every bit of me that I want to fight to get better. I want you to know I am SO proud of you. Everything you do, I am so proud. all your artwork, your little paintings that you’ve long forgotten. I admire it and keep it all. I kept your little clothes that you first wore. I’ve got your two front teeth, and in my heart I still remember the first time you said ‘I love you’ You are smart, you are so wise, you’re funny and you surprise me every day, but most of all you are kind, and you forgive me even if I’m not worthy. I want you to tell me if I ever hurt you, I want you to tell me how I can be perfect for you, I want you to know you can always come to me for everything. Whatever hurts you, even if it’s me. I never want to be someone who breaks your heart enough for you to not want me to be in your life. I want you to know I try. Every day I try. Some days I fail, some days I succeed, some days I’m amazing and some days I am just okay, but every single day I love you and for you I will never stop trying, I will never give up.

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“He said,  ‘mummy, do we live in Australia?’ I said ‘yep we do! We live in Australia…’ and he said ‘I didn’t. I lived in your tummy…’ and I said ‘yeah you did but now you live in Australia..’ and he said ‘yes mummy, I lived in your tummy… I was there, but then I died.’ I was shocked, and I said: ‘what do you mean, you’re right here!’ He said ‘no mummy, I came to your tummy and then I died,'” the mother wrote.

“I went looking for you but I couldn’t find you, I went to your house, I went everywhere but you couldn’t hear me when I called you, so then I was sad, but then I became an angel,” Laura said Luca told her.

“He said that he missed her so he wanted to come back to her so then he was a baby in her tummy again and then he said he was born again,” she wrote. “He added that he wasn’t in heaven, he was in Australia and then he was your baby again, and he said he’s now happy that he’s her baby again and he’s happy he can grow up now”

“I just stared at him and cried,” Laura concluded. “I’ve never had a conversation with him ever about angels or anything like that. Our babies know who they want to be their mummas long before we know they exist. Proof that they really do choose us and their souls are always with us in this life or the next.”


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Laura’s post has since gone viral, with many people all over the world saying that they have had similar experiences. Stories like this are sure to offer hope to mothers who have experienced miscarriages. No matter how traumatic they may be, it’s important to remember that God always has a plan for us!


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