Michigan Artist Creates American Flag Wall Out Of 7,700 Pennies

A Michigan artist has found herself becoming a viral sensation after she created an American flag out of 7,700 pennies. Ironically, she initially had not intended it to be an art piece at all.

It all started when Kayla Dominique of Cement City needed to install a fireproof barrier wall behind her wood stove.

“We were in need of a fireproof barrier for behind our wood stove and stone just didn’t fit into our budget,” she explained.

That’s when Kayla came up with the idea of making a wall of pennies, and once she got started, she decided to make it into an American flag.

“It never was intended to be a piece of art. It just turned into that,” Kayla said. “It just makes us happy to look at it. It’s a centerpiece of our living room, so we want to make it something cool.”

Kayla went on to say that she sees something in each and every penny on the wall.

“I think that the most interesting part about the pennies to me is that they all have their own story,” she said. “They’ve all traveled around with people.”

“Now that it’s done, there are a lot of people coming back to see it,” Kayla continued. “They want to duplicate it. They don’t understand how the blue happened. They don’t understand my patience level. But I think once you start it in the middle of your living room, you can’t really stop. You have to finish it.”

Find out more about this incredible work of art in the video below!


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