Meet The Cat Named D-O-G Who Trains Canines To Be Service Dogs

Cats are known to typically not get along with dogs, but this feline is certainly an exception to that stereotype!

Meet D-O-G (pronounced “dee-OH-jee”), a black and white cat who works at SupportDogs Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. This facility trains dogs for a variety of things, including helping people who have trouble walking and who have hearing loss.

Service dogs need to be comfortable around other types of animals and remain calm in the face of distraction, and that’s where D-O-G comes in! The cat helps to test the dogs’ patience, and in the video below, you’ll see him batting at a dog’s tail and playing with a dog’s leash.

“He rules the roost,” explained CEO Anne Klein. “He is the boss.”

Nadine Wenig, director of canine services at Support Dogs, Inc., met D-O-G last summer when she was staying at a bed and breakfast. She was so in love with the kitten that the owners let her keep him, and that’s how he ended up at Support Dogs, Inc.

“We saw that he was completely fearless despite his size and had no issue being around and close to the dogs,” said volunteer manager Stephanie McCreary.

Anne explained that D-O-G has become very spoiled around the office, as everyone loves him.

“There are a few staff members who like to pretend they’re exclusively dog lovers, but everyone secretly adores D-O-G,” she said. “He’s spoiled rotten.”


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