Dad Trolls Son For Three Years After He Calls His Waving At School Bus Embarrassing

A father has become a viral sensation after he got ‘revenge’ on his son for calling him embarrassing in a hilarious way.

It all started when Rain Price of American Fork, Utah was 16 years-old and was nervous about riding the school bus on the first day of school. To help him through this, his dad Dale Price decided to give him a cheerful wave from the doorstep. Rain is a teenager and found this to be embarrassing, so he asked his mom Rochelle to tell his father to stop waving to him in the morning.

He had no idea that this move would turn out to be a HUGE mistake.

Not only did Dale decide to continue waving to Rain every school morning, he decided to do so in elaborate costumes that would further embarrass his son!

Some of the costumes are simple, like a ghost or a witch, but others are far more elaborate.

Dale did this every day for 170 days, which was the entire school year! Though Rain was embarrassed at first, he quickly started to find his dad’s antics funny, as did all the other kids on the bus. Dale became known online as “Wave At The Bus Dad” after Rochelle started a blog to document his outfits.

“When he did it the first day I was in shock. You don’t want to see your dad dressing up in a wedding dress, waving at you on the bus,” Rain said.

“I hope this lives with him for the rest of his life,” Dale added.

Dale said that he only spent $50 on the first year of costumes, as he used leftover materials from Halloween costumes to make them. Before long, neighbors started contributing costume materials to him as well.

Dale’s costumes grew so popular that he kept doing it for THREE YEARS, until Rain graduated high school!

Dale finally gave up waving when his son graduated, and Rain is now 19 and an LDS missionary in Liberia, West Africa.

It’s nice to see a family have such a good sense of humor!


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