Clint Eastwood Opens Up About A Story He’s Kept Quiet For Over 60 Years

Clint Eastwood is known as one of the best actors and directors alive today.

The 88 year-old has been in the public eye for decades but Eastwood still carries an aura of mystique. Fans are still excited by the movie star’s work and fascinated about his private life as well. Recently, he opened up to reveal a story he had never told before giving fans a peek into his past private life and how it led him to directing one particular movie.

Prior to his career in Hollywood, Eastwood served in the United States military. When he was 21 years-old, Eastwood was part of the crew that was flying with a World War II-era navy bomber which unfortunately ditched, forcing the future actor to swim to shore.

“I was catching a free ride from Seattle down to Almeda,” Eastwood recalled. “It was stormy and we went down off of Point Reyes, California, in the Pacific. I found myself in the water swimming a few miles towards the shore. I remember thinking, ‘well, 21 is not as long as a person wants to live.’”

Eastwood used this experience when he made his movie Sully in 2016. This movie told the story of the real life event of 2009 when a plane piloted by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, played by Tom Hanks, ditched in the freezing water of the Hudson river. As a survivor of a plane crash himself, Eastwood was able to give this movie a personal touch.

“I suppose having been in a similar situation as the pilot, I would have chanced a water landing rather than go someplace where there’s no runway,” Eastwood said. “And of course, Sully was familiar with that area…he picked the right spot…He knew that somebody would see them.”

“Anybody who keeps their wits about them when things are going wrong, who can negotiate problems without panicking, is someone of superior character, and interesting to watch on film,” Eastwood continued. “But for me, the real conflict came after, with the investigative board questioning his decisions, even though he had saved so many lives.”

After hearing of Eastwood’s own personal experience, it’s no wonder Eastwood did such a good job on making this film!


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