Cab Driver Hailed As Hero After Saving Elderly Grandmother From Being Scammed

Cab driver Richard Spencer is being hailed as a hero after he went above and beyond to help an elderly woman who was being scammed.

It all started when an 87 year-old grandmother called a taxi company and asked to be taken to Walmart. The woman had gift cards that she needed to buy, and she wanted to go as soon as possible.

That morning, the woman had gotten a call from a man who she thought was her grandson, and he said he had been in a car crash and needed the gift cards to keep him out of jail. The elderly woman was given specific instructions to call a cab and then call her “grandson” back on her way home to relay the pin numbers on the gift cards.

This is how she ended up in Richard’s taxi, and when she told him all of this, he realized he had heard an eerily similar story earlier that day. A fellow taxi driver had told Richard that this same woman had been in his cab earlier in the day and that he had brought her to Walmart, where she purchased two gift cards for $2,000.

Now, the woman was making this trip for a second time, and Richard sensed that something was off about all of this right away. He could have ignored his instincts and just let the woman go about her business, but he just could not stand to sit back and watch her get scammed. Refusing to take her to Walmart, Richard took her to the police station instead!

Find out what happened next in the video below.


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