Airplane Passengers Stunned When They See Someone Do Something Truly Bizarre

Plane travel can be uncomfortable with travelers having to sit in cramped seats and without the ability to move about much. Some passengers do like to get up and walk around during flights to minimize the risk of blood clots but one traveler with Israeli carrier Israir Airlines found a unique way to get moving during the flight. The move left his fellow passengers stunned, with some of them saying that it was bad flying etiquette.

A photo shared on the Instagram page Passenger Shaming shows a man doing a handstand in the aisle of a plane. The image is sarcastically captioned, “Handstands on Airplanes! Because the aisle of an airplane is your personal yoga studio…”

Julietta Weinberg, a flight attendant on the flight, took to social media to explain what happened.

“I was one of the crew members on that flight and I would like to explain you that we did not allow this to happen and we spoke to that person and asked not to do that, but this handstand came over and over at least two times during the flight,” she explained. “So the first purpose of that photo was to make evidence in case that this person would damage the ceiling or damage his self and then make a different statement and sue the company, and the second purpose of that was to show others – what not to do during the flight (sic).”

Social media users were conflicted if this was bad or good.

“I actually want to be friends with this guy,” one person commented, with another adding, “That’s fantastic and freaking funny.”

Others were not fans of the move.

“If you want to do your ‘yoga routine’ on an airplane then you should fly private,” one social media user commented, with someone else writing. “Another opportunity to say look at me look at me.”

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