9 Year-Old Girl Leaves Judges Speechless With Powerful Rendition Of Barbra Streisand Hit

Auditioning for a reality television competition is stressful for most adults, so it’s even more impressive when a child is able to muster up the courage to do it!

Cora Harkin is a 9 year-old girl who has been singing all her life and she finally decided to show the world what she’s got by auditioning for “Ireland’s Got Talent.” When she took the stage to perform Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” she certainly did not leave the judges disappointed!

This song requires a huge voice, so the judges were expecting the worst when Cora said she was going to attempt it. As soon as she opened her mouth, however, they realized they had no reason to doubt her.

Cora held nothing back with her performance, and she was rewarded with her efforts by a standing ovation from the audience as soon as she finished. Even the judges were on their feet for her, as she had them saying that “a star is born!”

Judge Michelle Visage, who is notoriously difficult to please, was especially won over by Cora’s singing abilities. It’s clear that this girl has a long career in music ahead of her, should she continue to pursue it!

Video of her audition has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 21,000 times!

“She is STUNNINGLY ON POINT!!! She needs to be on stage ALL THE TIME!!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This was BEAUTIFUL!! She was quiet and first, but well spoken. However, she came to the right show as she LIT UP that stage and left it all up there!! She sang, but truly gave an amazing performance!!!”

Check out her performance for yourself below!


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