Women Who’s Sick Of Her Thinning Hair Gets Incredible Makeover

Life can get monotonous sometimes, and one of the best ways to shake things up is to get a makeover!

In the video below, you’ll meet a woman named Dawn who decided that she wanted to make a drastic change to her hairstyle. She was nervous to take this plunge at first, but when she saw the results, she knew right away that she had made the right decision!

When the Seattle, Washington native decided that she wanted a makeover, she reached out the MakeOverGuy Minneapolis’ YouTube channel. The MakeOverGuy immediately told Dawn that she needed a haircut, which scared her because her long hair had always been one of her defining traits. She explained that though her hair used to be “full, fluffy, and curly,” it was now thinning, which is why she decided to take his advice and go through with the haircut.

Dawn works in the airline industry, and since her job involves a lot of running around, she usually kept her hair in a bun. She now wants to move into a different job and become a flight attendant, so she wanted a new hairstyle that would reflect her position.

Dan believes that flight attendants have an air of refinement and attractiveness, and she wanted that to be reflected in her new hairstyle. Subscribers to the MakeOverGuy YouTube channel picked a new hairstyle for Dawn, and they decided that short curls would make her look both younger and sexier.

Dawn gulped when she first saw the new hairstyle that she was going to be given, but she decided to go through with it. She could not believe her eyes when she saw the results of her makeover!

Find out what Dawn looked like afterwards in the video below!


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