Woman Going On Vacation Leaves Detailed Instructions For Boyfriend On How To Take Care Of Her Cat

Any pet owner knows how difficult it can be to go on vacation and leave your pet at home. You want to make sure that whoever you entrusted to care for your pet is going to take care of them perfectly. That’s why this woman decided to leave a VERY detailed note to her boyfriend as to how to care for her cat Tia when she left for a week to go on vacation.

The list of instructions has since gone viral, as people all over the world find it to be both relatable and hilarious!┬áThe woman begins her note with a threat to her boyfriend’s life, which we can only hope was in jest.

“Please note Tia will be measured and weighed prior to and after holiday,” she wrote. “If she has lost weight because of not being fed your life will be in immediate danger.”

Wow, this woman certainly is not messing around!

The woman goes on to list a series of rules that her boyfriend must do every day. These rules include things like:

“Give her cuddles.”

“Give her a tin of tuna as a treat, she will need it for comfort.”

“Make sure her biscuits are filled up EACH DAY for when you forget to feed her.”

“Wash her bowl the night before for the following day.”

“Make sure she is in at night!!!!!!! Remember your life is at stake.”

Read below the woman’s list of demands and let us know what you think.

This is one intense cat owner! Since the boyfriend’s life is at stake, we certainly hope he followed through with each and every one of her rules!


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