Woman Decides To Give $1.7 Million Home To Winner Of Letter Contest Instead Of Selling It

If you are interested in living in the $1.7 million home pictured above this story, all you need to do is write the perfect letter!

Ever since injuring her back last year, Alla Wagner has been unable to navigate the stairs of her 5,000-square-foot home in Millarville, Alberta. Though medical professionals suggested that she should upgrade her home to accommodate disabled people, she could not bare the idea of changing the interior structure of the home.

“I view this home as a work of art and I don’t want to make changes to it that’s going to compromise it’s look and the value and craftsmanship that’s in this home,” Alla explained.

Alla tried to sell the home for months, but she could not find the perfect buyer. That’s when she came up with a very unique idea. Alla has launched a letter-writing contest in which she is asking strangers to write about why they would like to live in her house. The “Write A Letter, Win A Home” contest is accepting 68,000 submissions, and Alla is asking participants to pay $25 to enter to help her make up some of the cost of her home. Alla is also planning to give 5% of the contest’s proceeds to the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Alla has already started reading some of the letters that she has received, and she is loving the submissions so far.

“Just that one family that will end up in this home, in this house and make it into a home for themselves and be happy here, as happy as I have been, I know it’s going to be a beautiful story in the end,” Alla said. “It would be a beautiful way for someone not giving up hope. I’m not going to give up hope. I believe that when this contest works, I know it’s going to be well worthwhile.”

Find out more about this contest in the video below!


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