Two Teens Take The Stage To Sing – Boy Stunned When Girl Opens Her Mouth

A video is going viral this week showing two members of a choir in Ireland completely steal the show with an unforgettable musical performance.

It wasn’t just their singing that made their performance go viral, it was also the reaction of one of them to the other’s voice!

The video was shot at a Christmas concert being given by the Mount Sion Choir in Waterford city. This wasn’t your average Christmas concert, however, as the duo was performing the song “Shallow” from the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga movie A Star Is Born. The song is not easy to sing, but Jessica Reinl and Christopher Halligan decided to attempt it anyway.

Christopher began the song, and his strong voice set the tone for the rest of the performance.

When Jessica started to sing, Christopher’s reaction was priceless, as he kept looking at her completely shocked by how amazing her voice was! Though they are in the choir together, Christopher looked as if he was hearing her voice for the very first time.

Those who enjoyed this performance will be happy to know that the Mount Sion Choir will be releasing a single later this year with the help of Irish singer-songwriter Don Mescall. The proceeds from the sales of the album will benefit The Solas Centre in Waterford, Can Teen, and Can Care 4 Living.

Video of their performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 26 million times! People all over the world cannot get enough of how talented these two are.

Check out their incredible performance below!


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