Two Girls Take The Stage To Perform Powerful Duet – Leave Crowd Speechless With Their Unique Voices

A powerful video is going viral showing two girls perform a duet that has to be seen to be believed!

When the two girls took the stage to perform their rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream,” the audience had a feeling that they were going to be seeing something special. However, nobody could have predicted that they would perform to this caliber.

The video below shows singers A-yeon Baek and Jihoon Shin appearing on the Korean talent competition show KPOPSTAR. It should come as no surprise that each of the young women have since gone on to have successful solo careers on their own. Jihoon, who can be seen on the left in the video below, is a figure skater and actress on top of being an accomplished singer.

Jihoon made it to the final six of the reality television competition, and though she did not make it to the final, she has gained legions of fans all over the world for her fantastic range and unique voice.

A-yeon is also an immensely popular singer who has had a successful solo career since appearing on the show. Her voice truly is one of a kind!

Together, these two singers’ voices blend absolutely perfectly, creating a sound like no other. Video of their performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over two million times by people all over the world.

It’s always amazing to hear what happens when two talented singers come together to create one beautiful sound! Check out their performance in the video below!


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