Toddler Hugs Stranger After Noticing She Has Missing Limb

A 34 year-old woman was left in tears by the way a toddler reacted to her missing limb.

As soon as the little boy saw that the woman was missing her arm, he felt the need to hug her even though she is virtually a stranger to him.

Little Joseph Tidd from Orlando, Florida met the woman during an event thrown by The Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit organization that organizes meet-ups for people with limb differences. As Joseph, who is missing his left arm, was saying his goodbyes, he stumbled upon a woman who is missing her right arm. The woman was Amy Siesel, a mother from Mexico who has one undeveloped arm due to unexpected side effects stemming from when her mother drank medicine to avoid sickness while she was pregnant with her.

Joseph is only a year old, but he was able to realize right away that he shared a major similarity with Amy. That’s why he decided to hug her, and she was overcome with emotion as soon as he embraced her.

As Amy held the little boy, she made their affected limbs touch. Joseph was born with Symbrachydactyly, which made it so that his  left arm was not fully developed when he was still in his mother’s womb. While his parents had a difficult time accepting this, they decided to support The Lucky Fin Project in the hopes that their son would realize that he was not alone.

Watch the heartwarming moment Amy and Joseph shared in the video below!


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