This German Shepherd Mom Has Perfect Way Of Tiring Out Her Puppies

One of the hardest parts about being a mother to young children is how hyperactive they get, and all mothers have their own unique strategies when it comes to dealing with overly energetic children. In this video, you’ll see that dog moms are no different, as this German Shepherd mother has her own way of tiring out her rowdy puppies!

The video opens with the dog mother taking her puppies to an open field for some much-needed playtime. She proceeds to start running around, encouraging her puppies to chase after her.

The mother keeps running around her puppies in a circle, herding them together before taking off again. Before long, she has completely tired them out!

The puppies’ legs are so small that they have a difficult time keeping up with their mother. Even trying to catch her takes up a lot of energy, and soon enough, they are not so rowdy anymore.

The owner could not help but giggle as he watched the mother cleverly calm her puppies down.

Finally, the mother stops and takes a second to let her puppies gather around her. Just when they thought they’d accomplished their goal of catching her, however, she runs off again! The game of tag is NOT over!

By the end of the video, even the owner is saying that the puppies are looking tired. The mother will now be able to have a far more relaxing day herself, as her puppies won’t be so hyperactive anymore!

Check out the adorable video for yourself below!


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