Simon & Garfunkel Reunite For First Time In Decades – Leave Audience Stunned By What They Do

Simon & Garfunkel was one of the most beloved singing groups of the 1960s. That’s why fans were so excited when they just reunited for the first time in decades!

Simon & Garfunkel were known for such classic hits as “Mrs. Robinson,” “The Boxer,” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” However, one of their most beloved songs was “The Sound Of Silence,” and is the song they just performed for their reunion. As soon as the duo sang the opening lyrics of the song, the crowd went absolutely wild as they realized what they were about to hear!

The song was released three months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and Paul Simon had written it immediately after the incredibly tragic event. “The Sound Of Silence” later took the 18th spot in 20 of the most performed songs of the 20th century, and it is still beloved to this day. Hearing the two of them perform this song now can only be described as hauntingly beautiful!

Video of Simon & Garfunkel’s performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over eight million times!

“They have a special phenomenon happen when they harmonize….. a distinct third voice is formed… very rare thing……” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Oh it KILLS me to know that this musical generation is slowly dying away. The world never saw such musical genius as this generation gave us, and likely never will again.”

“Wow, the first few seconds of them singing together sent a chill up my spine. So cool!!” a third user added.

Check out the beautiful performance for yourself in the video below!


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