Sergeant Is Reunited With Military Dog – Her Reaction As Soon As She Sees Him Is Priceless

Sergeant Jason Bos and his K9 partner Cila spent five years serving together in Iraq. During their time working together, the two took part in 100 missions that included working with the Secret Service and detecting roadside bombs.

When Jason retired back in 2012 with a back injury, he was forced to return home to the United States without Cila. This left him depressed, as he was not sure if he would ever see his beloved dog again.

As the years went by, Jason continued to think about Cila every day. Finally, fate intervened and Jason learned that Cila was about to retire from the military as well. He contacted the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue, who teamed up to fly Cila from Germany to Chicago so that she could be reunited with Jason!

As soon as Cila heard Jason’s voice, she immediately recognized him, and her reaction to being reunited with him is priceless!

“So, what’s the future hold for you two old soldiers?” the cameraman asked them. Jason responded by saying that he wants to work with veterans and help them adjust to life post-deployment. While he plans to go to work, Jason added that Cila will be getting some much needed rest and staying home as a couch potato. After spending so many years serving her country, Cila deserves some rest and relaxation!

Jason and Cila are now enjoying their lives as two retired veterans in Michigan. We wish them many years of happiness together, and we would like to thank them for their service!


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