Saving Your Child’s Baby Teeth Can Save Lives

When it comes to scientific discoveries, some of them are based on the most disgusting things. For example, a few years ago, many reputable sources started telling people to stop washing raw chicken because it spread more germs than it was worth.

It turns out that another “bad” habit that many parents have has actually turned out to be a good thing instead of a bad thing. All those years of collecting your child’s baby teeth may seem like a bad idea, but it can actually have great results.

While that may seem gross, it is a habit that could end up saving your child’s life. According to the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information, stem cells can be pulled from these teeth and used for a variety of medical procedures.

A stem cell is a young cell that hasn’t yet been formed for a specific body function, which means that scientists can use it for a variety of things, including fighting cancer. While most of the time these stem cells are acquired through bone marrow, getting access to it isn’t very easy. As it turns out, baby teeth are also filled with these special cells.

In addition to fighting cancer, these little teeth can be used to regrow bones, prevent heart attacks, create new blood vessels, reproduce eye tissue, treat diabetes, and much more. So the next time you think that hanging on to your child’s teeth is gross, think again and tuck them away. You never know when you might need them again.

However, to ensure that baby teeth are preserved the best, there is a company that will store them professionally starting at $25 a month. Be sure to share this story with your family and friends.


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