Patient Horse Gets an Unexpected Goat Massage

It’s no secret that goats love to climb. They love climbing on nearly anything that is still enough for them to get up on. Sometimes, farmers will even put large objects like hay bales or build structures just for their goats to play and climb on. I suppose the hope is to keep them busy and out of trouble.

So when one farmer looked out in his pasture one day, he wasn’t surprised to see his goats climbing around. It wasn’t unusual to see them jumping, hopping, and skipping about, but this time was a bit different.

Laying in the pasture is the farmer’s loyal steed, Mr. G. He didn’t seem to even notice that the baby goats were running about and kicking up dust all around him. Then one of them gets really frisky and tries to climb up the side of the laid back horse. He hops and hops with no success, then finally he makes a grand leap and he’s up on top of Mr. G.

He proceeds to dance a little bit and then the real party begins. He jumps down from the horse, scampers around, and jumps back up. Then repeats the pattern over and over. All the while Mr. G doesn’t seem to notice, or maybe he thought those little bouncing hooves were a bit of a massage. Eventually the first little goat is joined by a buddy.

Still Mr. G, as patient as ever, continues to just lay there and let the little ones get their playtime in. Check it out in the video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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