OB/GYN Doctor Shocked Mother in Labor By Asking Her 12 Year-Old Daughter to Help Deliver Baby

Like most expectant mothers, Dede Carraway had a birth plan for how she wanted her new addition to make it into the world. However, when the day came, things didn’t go quite like she anticipated.

Dede was in full blown labor, and things weren’t going quite the way they were supposed to. Her epidural wasn’t working and she was in quite a bit of pain. Then something else happened.

Jacee, Dede’s 12-year-old daughter, entered the hospital room, but with all the people crowded around her mother, she was worried that she wasn’t going to get to see her little brother be born. That’s when Dede’s OB/GYN doctor had an idea. He looked over at Jacee and asked her if she’d like to help deliver her new sibling. Neither of them had expected this opportunity and both of them panicked a bit.

However, with a little reassurance from Dr. Wolf, the mother and daughter agreed to the change of plans. Jacee got into place in front of Dr. Wolf and actually got to push down and pull the baby out.

“I was like, wow, like I’ve played fake doctor before, but this is the real thing. This is the real deal. I was really nervous,” said Jacee. With one final push, Jacee helped Dr. Wolf bring 7-pound, 6-ounce Cayson Carraway into the world.

Although Dede was in a lot of pain, she says the moment was one she’ll never forget. “Seeing the emotions on her face made me cry. I’m about to cry now!” said Dede. “It was just a good moment for me.”

Jacee had always thought that she wanted to be a veterinarian, but now she is considering to be OB/GYN doctor in the future instead. Clearly, welcoming a new life into the world was something she loved.

Luckily, Jacee and Cayson’s first moments together were captured on camera and have been shared for the whole world to see. We bet these two will have a bond that can never be broken. If you agree, be sure to share this story with your family and friends.


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