New Study Reveals People Born In January Are More Likely To Become Rich And Famous

Having a January birthday can seem like a real drag sometimes, as it often seems like people are still recovering from the holidays and New Year’s festivities to celebrate another occasion. Now, however, a new study has come out that reveals that having a birthday in January has some special advantages!

The Journal of Social Sciences just published research that concluded that people born in January and February are more likely to find success in life than people born in other months.

Researchers looked at 100 celebrities from “different walks of life,” including politicians, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, singers, actors, athletes, scientists, and authors. They were surprised to find that a disproportionate number of celebrities were born in either January or February.

Even more interesting is the fact that they found that people born between January 20 and February 18 had an even higher chance of making it big. Celebrities who were born during these weeks include Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, Bob Marley, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Ashton Kutcher, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This is not the first piece of research that has come to a conclusion like this. A previous study of S&P 500 companies from 1992 to 2009 found that those born in January are more likely to become CEOs. Experts believe that one explanation of this could be kindergarten enrollment cut off dates, which puts children born between September and January at an advantage over their younger, summer-born peers.

On top of that, researchers at the Columbia University Department of Medicine say that January babies are considered low risk for many illnesses, including cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory or neurological diseases.

If you’re thinking of having a baby anytime soon, perhaps aim to have one in January!


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