Navy Veteran Rescues Blind Man Who’s Being Assaulted And Robbed

A Good Samaritan stepped up and took action when he saw someone assaulting and robbing a man who is disabled.

Brent Johnson is a resident manager for the Royal Apartments in Medford, Oregon who was walking to his office last Thursday when he passed a tenant of his outside talking on his phone. Seconds later, he heard a large smack on the brick wall followed by a cry for help, and he immediately took action.

“It was scary, pretty scary to hear that, cause I know my tenant is disabled,” Brent said. “I ran outside and by the time I got right outside the door, the guy had had the victims cell phone in his hand and had his hand around his pocket, and as soon as I got close he stopped and took off running.”

Brent, who is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, ran after the man and was eventually able to tackle him to the ground. The suspect has since been arrested and charged with possession of meth, robbery, assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.

“It’s just my nature I guess,” Brent said. “I just didn’t want to see someone getting hurt in addition to a fact that someone who’s disabled too, someone who can’t help for themselves.”

Though police are now hailing Brent as a hero, he said that getting accolades was never his intention when he did this.

“I don’t know how many people would be willing to chase him down and stuff like that, but just thought it was the right thing to do,” he said. “Honestly I feel good that I was actually able to catch the guy.”

Brent concluded by saying he hopes his story will inspire others to do the right thing.

“And most of all, my son sees it,” the veteran said. “My son can see it and appreciate the fact that, you know, I decided to try and help someone else out and I think that’s extremely important.”


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