Museum Opens At Birthplace Of Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers is one of the most beloved Hollywood stars of all time, which is why so many fans are excited after a museum opened up at her birthplace in Independence, Missouri.

The museum was opened by Marge Padgitt, who is such a huge fan of Rogers that she bought the home that she was born in just so that she could start the museum.

“I was a fan of Ginger Rogers, as was my mother,” said Padgitt. “She got me interested in old-time movies and, of course, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing. There was nothing like the two of them. They were the best.”

This all started back in 2016, when Padgitt decided that she wanted to buy a house as part of her real estate investment business, Three Trails Cottages. Her daughter started looking for her, and quickly came upon a house that she knew she would want.

“Ten minutes later she said, ‘Mom you have to buy this house.’ And I said, ‘What house?’ And she said, ‘Well, it’s the Ginger Rogers house,’” Padgitt said. “I went out the next day and put money down on it. We paid too much, but considering what it is, we didn’t mind doing that because we really wanted to have it.”

Born in 1911, Rogers found fame in Hollywood with various musicals she made with Astaire in the 1930s. She was also hailed for her acting abilities, winning an Academy Award in 1941 for her performance in Kitty Foyle. Rogers was born in the home in Independence and returned to visit back in 1994, one year before she passed away.

Padgitt has been collecting various pieces of Rogers’ memorabilia including gowns, Ginger Rogers “trading cards,” a pair of dance shoes, gloves, theater programs, movie posters, as well photographs and news articles about the Academy Award-winning actress.

“I’ve bought some items on eBay and some items have been donated,” Padgitt said. “We got a large collection of items from Roberta Olden — she was Ginger Rogers’ secretary for 18 years.”

If you’re a fan of Ginger Rogers, consider checking out the museum for yourself! Find out more about it in the video below.


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