Meet The One-Eyed Calf Who Is Being Worshipped As A God In India

A newborn calf who was born with just one eye is now being worshipped as a God in eastern India.

The cow was born in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, and his one-eyed condition appears to have been caused by a birth defect.

“Ever since it was born, people have crowded my place to see the bizarre calf,” the cow’s owner said. “They are now considering it to be a miracle of God and have started worshipping it.”

The cow suffers from cyclopia, a rare congenital disorder that occurs in both humans and animals and develops in the womb when the left and right hemispheres of the brain do not separate as they are meant to early on in pregnancy. This causes a single central cavity to form with one eye, or sometimes partially fused or separate eyeballs and often the complete absence of eyelashes and eyelids.

The condition also causes the nose to become deformed and the jaw to be underdeveloped. That’s why the calf can be seen sticking his tongue out in the video below.

Creatures that have cyclopia will not have proper vision since the retina does not form properly, but they can sometimes distinguish light from dark. Many creatures who suffer from cyclopia are either stillborn or die shortly after birth because they have breathing and brain problems. As you can see in the video below, the calf is gasping for breath.

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