Man Reveals Eco-Friendly Thing He Added To His House – Can You Figure Out What It Is?

A homeowner has found himself becoming a viral sensation after he took to social media to reveal the incredibly environmentally friendly addition to his home: a bee brick!

Adam Cormac, a communications officer for The Wildlife Trusts who lives in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, installed the insect-friendly bee brick at his home six months ago, and he just noticed this past week that it was finally being used.

“Six months ago a bee brick was fitted to the side of our house,” Adam posted on twitter alongside a photo of the bee brick. “Today I went up a ladder to check on it and – yes! – we have some bees. A feature for all new build houses?”

The bee brick, which costs just $35, includes differently sized holes for solitary bees to nest in. The brick is designed for non-aggressive bees like sole bees, red mason bees and leaf-cutter bees, as these bees do not have a queen bee to protect.

New research has found that the bee population is on the decline, with the bumblebee population in the United Kingdom going down 24%. Things have gotten so bad that they are now in danger of going extinct.

In North America, some species of bumblebees have declined by as much as 96%.

Social media users everywhere have been applauding the bee brick as a great idea.

“So we continue to concrete over the habitat of these species and still don’t want to share our space with them? With attitudes like this, no wonder the planet is being annihilated,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “These are for solitary bees, not hives. The bees they attract are non-aggressive. If wasps do home up in this brick, they are also solitary and beneficial for pest control. This is not ‘letting bees into your house.’ The holes don’t go through.”

While we don’t think the planet is being ‘annihilated,’ we do believe that taking care of God’s creatures is a responsibility we all have and we applaud this man for coming up with such a creative way to help.

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