Little Girl Meeting The Queen Accidentally Gets Smacked By Royal Guard

A lucky little girl just got the experience of a lifetime when she got the chance to meet Queen Elizabeth, but something happened afterwards that made the experience even more unforgettable.

Maisie is a six year-old girl who recently got to meet Queen Elizabeth when the royal visited Cardiff, Wales. The Queen began her day by watching the Royal Welsh Regiment marching from the Cardiff Castle to the Millennium Stadium lead by Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory, who is Maisie’s father. She then was treated to a lunch at the Millennium Stadium’s suites, after which Maisie was given the task of giving the Queen flowers.

Joanna Gregory, Maisie’s mother, said that her daughter had been awake since 4:45AM that morning, as she was so excited to meet the Queen. She had spent weeks telling her friends at Cwmclydach Infant School in Tonypandy all about it, and she was so excited that she even agreed to wear traditional clothes as she met the Queen.

“She took a bit of convincing initially but when she realised she was going to meet the Queen she was quite happy to wear traditional Welsh clothes,” Joanna said.

When the big moment finally arrived, Maisie gave the flowers to the Queen and greeted her with a curtsy. The Queen responded by giving Maisie a compliment about her dress, much to her delight.

As the Queen walked away, something happened that nobody was expecting. As the lance corporal standing next to Maisie raised his hand to salute the Queen, he accidentally hit the little girl and knocked her hat off! Maisie can be heard saying “ow” as the Queen walks away, with the royal not realizing what had happened.

As soon as the Queen left the room, the lance corporal bent down to apologize to Maisie and her mother.

Maisie accepted the lance corporal’s apology, and did not let the incident ruin her day!

“It was an extremely proud moment,” her father said of meeting the Queen.

Watch the moment for yourself below!


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