Josh Turner Gives Unforgettable Performance Of ‘I Serve A Savior’ At Cracker Barrel

Country music star Josh Turner decided to go back to his roots at the end of 2018 and release a gospel album that gives him the chance to give thanks to God. One of the best songs on the album is “I Serve A Savior,” and last month, Turner gave a powerful performance of this single at Cracker Barrel’s Countdown To Christmas!

The lyrics of the song make it clear just how important God is to Turner. Some stars lose touch with God when they hit it big, but Turner has never forgotten who got him to where he is today!

God sent his only son to save us
He died upon a cross for all our sin
I praise the precious name of Jesus
He walked out of the grave they laid him in’

Earlier in his career, Turner released two songs that touched on his Christian faith when he released “Me and God” and “Long Black Train.” However, the entirety of this new album completely revolves around the singer’s strong faith in God. The chorus of “I Serve A Savior” especially makes it clear that God plays a big role in Turner’s life.

I serve a Savior
It’s what I was made for
His grace and love I don’t deserve
I will be faithful
Humble and grateful
My life is greater ’cause I serve a Savior

We applaud Turner for using his latest album to give thanks to God! Check out his powerful performance of “I Serve A Savior” in the video below!


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