Incredible ‘One Man Phantom of The Opera’ Will Amaze You

Phantom of the Opera was originally written as a novel in 1909 by Gaston Leroux, but has since been transformed into one of the most beloved musicals of all time. It is the longest running Broadway show in history and has become so popular that you don’t need to set foot inside of New York City to actually get to experience the performance.

The show is unlike any other and features the story of a disfigured Phantom composer that haunts the grand Paris Opera House who eventually becomes obsessed with a young chorus girl, Christine.

The production, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, opened in 1986 at London’s west end. But Nick Pitera has presented a unique take on the story. He has played a variety of lead roles in the show over the years, but had never played Christine….until now.

In his rendition of the production, Pitera sings the roles of Raoul, Christine, and the Phantom all by himself. His stunning one-man act has been captivating audiences everywhere.

While some musicals might be fine with just one person taking the wheel, Phantom of the Opera isn’t one of those that would normally come to mind. After all, there’s the high soprano of Christine, the tenor of Raoul, and the deep baritone of the Phantom.

How could one guy possibly sound like all of them? While that might sound like a hard task for most people, it was a challenge that Pitera was up to and when you watch the video below you’ll understand why. What he put together is the “One Man Phantom of the Opera” production and although he looks the same in all three parts, the difference in his voice will blow your mind.

He starts out singing Christine’s part, and although it may sound like he is lip syncing, it is all Pitera. Then within minutes, he switches over and sings a duet as both Raoul and Christine.

Eventually the Phantom has to make it into the show, and Pitera doesn’t disappear with his deep vocals either. It is easy to see why Pitera is such a singing success. Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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