Heroic Drivers Team Up To Flip Burning Car So They Can Pull Man From Vehicle

Texas police just released a harrowing video showing officers and Good Samaritans team up to flip a burning car on the highway and pull people from the vehicle.

The footage was shot in Corpus Christi just after 5am on New Year’s Day, when the car was hit by a vehicle going the wrong way on State Highway 358. The car flipped on its side as the flames started to spread very quickly.

Other drivers on the highway immediately pulled over, jumped out of their cars, and ran to the wreckage in the hopes of saving the crash victims as police officers arrived on the scene as well. One person managed to pull a 70 year-old man out of the vehicle’s sunroof.

In the video below this story, you’ll see four people put their hands on the burning vehicle’s roof to flip it onto its tires. Eight people then start rocking the car until they get it back on its wheels. Police desperately tried to get the driver out of the car, but he unfortunately died at the scene. He has since been identified as 28 year-old Richard Lopez. The four people in the other car were all taken to the hospital for their injuries.

Social media users have been applauding the Good Samaritans and officers alike for selflessly aiding the people in this crash.

“Omg this is what i call highway of heroes,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “These heroes were incredible!”

Watch the harrowing rescue for yourself in the video below.


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