Grandson Invents Jelly Drops to Help His Grandma With Dementia

As people age, especially those that suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, they often forget to drink enough water. Sometimes it’s because they can’t find water or just don’t feel thirsty, many of them become dehydrated.

For one college student, Lewis Hornby, it was a problem that hit close to home. His grandmother, who has dementia, was experiencing dehydration because she wasn’t drinking enough water. He is a budding inventor and studying Innovative Design Engineering at Imperial College in London. He said seeing his grandmother’s struggle spurred him in to action.

He said often times the symptoms of dehydration that people display are often mistaken as part of their dementia rather than due to the underlying cause of dehydration. The condition can be life-threatening and so he decided to make a way for these people to get their water intake in a much more enjoyable way. Eventually, after talking to psychologists and visiting a dementia care home, he came up with edible water.

His product is called Jelly Drops and they look very much like candy. People with dementia are attracted to the brightly colored gum drops, even those that have refused other types of fluids.

The Jelly Drops come packaged in a clear case so they are eye-catching and easy to see. the case is also easy to open. He says his grandma ate 7 Jelly Drops in the first 10 minutes of seeing them. That number of Jelly Drops is equal to one cup of water.

His product has already won multiple design awards and numerous dementia and nursing homes in the U.K. are trying them out. Lewis hopes that more research and trials will happen soon and make them more readily available.

Check out the video below of Lewis’ grandma trying her Jelly Drops for the first time and be sure to share this story with your family and friends.


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