Grandma Who Admits She Got ‘Frumpy’ Once Her Kids Left Home Gets Life-Changing Makeover

Tricia Bookter is a mother of four who spent years focusing on raising her children. After they left home and she found herself in an empty nest, Tricia admits that she let herself go a little bit, as she had more time to relax than ever before.

Wanting to make a change in her life, Tricia reached out to Minneapolis’ Christopher Hopkins, who is better known as The Makeover Guy. It didn’t take long for Christopher to put an end to her disheveled hair bun-wearing days.

The video below opens with the mother from Atlanta, Georgia talking directly to the camera. Though her hair is messy, Tricia has virtually no wrinkles on her face, making her ‘before’ photo far prettier than many! She has gorgeous green eyes that are accentuated by her sweet southern charm, making Christopher’s job a lot easier than it often is.

As Christopher unravels her long hair, Tricia tells him that she is too young to settle for looking frumpy. With a smile, she tells Christopher that though she is a grandmother, she does not want to look like one!

Tricia appears to be completely unaware of her own natural beauty. While she may not have NEEDED a makeover after all, her after shot takes at least two decades off of her age! Tricia cannot believe her eyes when she sees herself in the mirror. It was only then that she admitted to Christopher that she was actually a GREAT grandmother, and finally seeing her own beauty, she told him that this “grandmother is looking pretty hot.”

Watch Tricia’s transformation for yourself below!


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