Grandma Poses For Hilarious ‘Boudoir’ Photos For Her Husband – His Reaction Is Gold

Boudoir photos have become trendy in the past few years, with young women striking sultry poses so that they can give their husband the images as a gift for Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Now, a series of hilarious photos are going viral showing that grandmas can get in on the boudoir photo game as well!

Photographer Samantha Bishop has taken all different kinds of photos in her career, and she has done quite a few boudoir photoshoots. Despite this, she was still taken aback when her mother asked her for a “Grandma’s Gone Wild” photoshoot!

Linda, Samantha’s mom, wanted to surprise her longtime husband with the boudoir photos for Christmas. Linda told Samantha that her plan was to pose for the photos in a bathtub full of yarn!

The tongue-in-cheek pictures turned out perfectly, and mother and daughter had a blast. They got creative with the poses and camera angles so that they would wind up with a wide range of images. They even sprinkled some hard candy on Linda at one point to take things up a notch!

Samantha had so much fun with this that she wanted to capture her dad’s reaction when he saw the photos. She said afterwards that his “schoolboy reaction” made the entire experience “1000x better.”

The internet loved the “Grandma’s Gone Wild” images as well, and they quickly went viral. Linda has shown the world that you’re never too old to take some boudoir photos and have a little fun!

So many people have requested a calendar version of “Grandma’s Gone Wild” that Linda and Samantha created one, which is now being sold on Etsy.


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