Georgia State Trooper Pulls Over Vehicle – Things Get Weird During Sobriety Test

A hilarious joke is going viral this week, and it’s sure to give you a good laugh!

A Georgia State trooper was out on patrol when he pulled over a car on I-75 about two miles north of Macon. When the officer asked why he was speeding, the man replied by saying that he was a magician and juggler who was on his way to Atlanta to do a show at the Children’s Hospital there, and he really did not want to be late for the sake of the children.

The trooper told the man that juggling had always interested him, so if the driver could do a little juggling for him, he would not give him a ticket. The driver said that he was sorry but he had already sent his equipment ahead to the hospital, so he did not have anything on him to juggle.

Undeterred, the trooper returned to his vehicle and grabbed some flares from his trunk before bringing them back to the driver and asking if he could juggle them. The driver replied in the affirmative, so the trooper lit the five flares and handed them over to the man to juggle.

As the driver juggled, a car pulled up behind the trooper’s vehicle, and a drunken man from Byron got out to watch the performance. He then walked up to the trooper’s cruiser, opened the back door, and got in!

The trooper saw the man enter his cruiser, so he ran over and asked the drunk man what he was doing.

The drunken man replied, “You might as well take me to jail, cause there ain’t no way I can pass that test!”


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