Elvis Memorabilia Including Contract He Signed To Buy Graceland Go On Sale For His 84th Birthday

The 84th birthday of rock legend Elvis Presley was on Tuesday, and to mark the occasion, hundreds of his memorabilia went up for auction.

Items that are being sold include the contract Elvis signed to purchase his legendary Memphis, Tennessee estate Graceland. This item is expected to sell for as much as $100,000.

Other things that are being sold include a diamond ring Elvis gave to his father, a red velvet shirt he wore to a 1956 Mississippi concert, and a belt buckle he had that was branded with a Rolls Royce.

The minimum offer for the 1957 Graceland contract is $25,000, but it is expected to fetch a greater price than that.

“It is arguably the most significant and historic Elvis Presley document as it represents the purchase of one of the most iconic and highly visited homes in the United States,” the Graceland website said. “The home receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom make the trek with an almost religious zeal. While Elvis’ popularity has never waned, the continued attraction and appeal of his Graceland home is comparable in fame and distinction.”

Other items being sold are an advertisement for an event in Memphis in 1955 that is being billed as “one of the earliest known Elvis concert posters,” which is being sold for $5,000. A photo that Elvis signed in 1954 has a bid of $4,200, while someone else has bid $3,000 for a credit card he once owned.

This just goes to show how devoted fans are to Elvis even 41 years after his death. There really will never be another star like him!


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