Donkey Mom and Baby Deliriously Happy After Being Reunited

Janine Guido has her own animal rescue called Speranza Animal Rescue and you can find a variety of animals running about on her farm any given day of the week. That’s why she got a special request one day.

A baby donkey and his mother had been taken in by an anonymous benefactor, but they didn’t know how to care for the donkeys. She was asked to take over their care. When Janine went to pick up the donkeys, she was given a fluffy baby named Colonel, but was informed that his mother had been taken to another rescue organization.

Although Colonel was in good hands with Janine, after being separated from his mother he became depressed. He would even cry out in desperation for his mama to come back. That’s when Janine decided to try something to help the little guy. As soon as Colonel spotted Janine walking towards him with a familiar figure, he jumped up and down with excitement.

As soon as Mary Poppins, his mother, came into sight, he couldn’t contain his excitement and neither could she. You won’t believe how the two reacted just at the sight of each other!

They immediately began talking donkey and since the reunion the two have been almost joined at the hip according to Janine. They love eating carrots out of your hand, and although they have separate feed buckets, they eat out of the same one.

“They’re never more than 15 feet away from each other,” said Janine. Now that his mama is back in his life, Colonel’s personality has really began to shine. Janine says he used to be shy and withdrawn, but now he is busy making friends with the other farm animals and chasing the resident farm kitty.

She says getting the two back together was definitely worth the effort and these two are proof that animals definitely experience some of the same emotions as humans.

Check out the video of their reunion below and be sure to share this amazingly happy video with your family and friends.


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