Couple Turns Old Bus Into an Amazing Tiny Home For Their Family

Life isn’t cheap, especially if you have children. That’s exactly what spurred Brian and Starla Sullivan to give up traditional living and put their efforts into an unconventional lifestyle. The two were living an hour away from Brian’s work and he was having to work over-time just to make ends meet. So instead of just scraping by, they decided to get out of their rut.

After watching several YouTube videos, they purchased a bus for $2,800 from a school bus company and decided to renovate it into their home in hopes of living in it in Renton, Washington.

They spent $30,000 on renovations to make it comfortable for them and their two children. Starla says she wanted to feel like she was living in a tiny house and not a vehicle, and the home now has everything they need. Two sofas in the bus pull out into a full-sized bed. There is also an area that the kids will have bigger beds when they get older. They have a composting toilet, a bathtub big enough for the kids, and a fully functional toilet.

They say they are spending about one-third of the amount they did when they lived in traditional housing and are using the money they’re saving to pay off student loans and debt, go the places they want to, and eat the food they want.

But living in a tiny house hasn’t always been easy. Once their pipes froze so they had no running water. They ran out of propane in the middle of the night and lost their heat, and they’ve also lost electricity. Still, Starla says they wouldn’t change a thing. She even thinks it will be fine once the boys get older. The couple says that even if they do move out of the bus, they’ll never go back to traditional living.

To learn more about their story and take a tour of their bus house, check out the video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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