Bride And Groom Left Stunned By Amazing Christian Flash Mob

Brides and grooms spent months planning every little detail of their wedding days, as they want them to go absolutely perfectly. When it came time for Neil and Tricia to get married, however, they had no idea that their guests had a special detail of their own planned for the couple that would leave them in tears!

As Neil and Tricia started to say their vows, a small voice piped up behind them. Thankfully, it was not someone expressing their objections. Instead, it was the beginning of an epic flash mob!

Keeping with the Christian theme of the wedding, the flash mob shocked everyone by performing a breathtakingly beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” By the end of their performance, Tricia was bawling her eyes out at what she had just seen!

There have been thousands of renditions of “How Great Thou Art” over the years, but this has to be one of the best ones that I have ever seen! Neil and Tricia could not help but become emotional over the fact that their friends and families had come together to give them such a beautiful surprise on their wedding day.

Video of the flash mob’s performance has since gone viral, being viewed over eight million times!

“What a wonderful gift to the Bride and Groom,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “These guys will not forget this wedding for as long as they live…. what a flash mob.”

“I’m in tears that was BEAUTIFUL. I love that hymnal,” a third user wrote. “God bless the couple and may you have a wonderful life with all the best of wishes.”

Check out the flash mob for yourself in the video below!


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