Boy Takes The Stage At Talent Show Posing Like Michael Jackson – Blows Audience Away With What He Does Next

It’s always amazing to see just how talented some young children are. That’s why it’s so fun that a video is going viral showing a 9 year-old boy completely stealing the show at his school talent show!

The video opens with the boy taking the stage looking just like the legendary Michael Jackson as he isĀ dressed in trousers, a flashy blazer, and a hat. As he strikes a Jackson-like pose, the songĀ “Billie Jean” by the iconic entertainer starts to play, much to the delight of the crowd.

The boy quickly starts showing off his epic dance moves, which are quite impressive for someone his age. This boy taught himself all of Jackson’s original choreography from the song, and he is able to recreate it perfectly!

The crowd went wild as the boy busted out Jackson’s signature moves. The boy dominated the stage with the confidence of someone well beyond his years.

While the entire performance is incredible, the boys saves the best for the grand finale. The audience could not believe their eyes when they saw how the boy chose to end the show!

Video of his performance has since gone viral, being viewed over 200,000 times!

This video is such a great tribute to Jackson, who spent decades entertaining all of us until his untimely death in 2009. Though it has been nearly ten years since his death, Jackson is still the king of pop, and he will be remembered and loved for generations to come.

Check out the boy’s performance below!


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