Baby Elephant Tries To Get Human Friend To Play With Him In Adorable Way

An charming video is going viral this week showing a baby elephant trying to convince his human friend to come and play with him.

The video was shot at the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dan Daeng was trying to go about his normal work day at the camp, but a 1-year-old elephant named Khunsuk had other plans for him! Khunsuk desperately wanted to play, so he decided to try and distract Dan from his duties so that he would come and play with him.

Khunsuk first tapped Dan on the shoulder with his trunk, doing so over and over again. It is as if Khunsuk is saying to him, “Stop working and play with me, human!”

The goal of the workers at the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp is to increase the population of elephants, who are endangered due to ivory poaching. The camp has a nursery where baby elephants can live with their mothers, so rest assured that Khunsuk is getting all of the love that he needs!

Video of  Khunsuk’s antics has quickly gone viral, as it’s impossible to watch without eliciting a huge smile from viewers. The video serves as a reminder of just how important it is that we do everything we can to help elephants and ensure that their population does not decrease any further. The world would be a very sad place indeed if these beautiful creatures no longer exist!

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