60 Year-Old Woman Gets Such A Great Makeover That She Doesn’t Recognize Herself

There’s nothing like a makeover to help you get back on track when you’re in a beauty rut. After turning 60, a woman named Debbie decided to get a makeover to help her get a new lease on life. She’s certainly glad that she did, because she now looks far younger than her age thanks to her epic makeover!

To help with her makeover, Debbie enlisted Christopher Hopkins a.k.a “The Makeover Guy. Christopher is a Minneapolis resident who has made guest appearances on shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Today.” He also has a popular YouTube channel where he shows the world his amazing makeovers.

Debbie has always been nervous about changing her looks, but since she’s a huge fan of Christopher’s, she decided to put her trust in him. She went so far as to say that she trusts Christopher so much that she would do whatever he says¬†even if he advised her to color her hair green or purple!

Though Christopher did not dye her hair green or purple, he did give her a color upgrade. His team also helped Debbie compliment her new look with various cute accessories. When Debbie finally saw her new look, she could not have been happier!

“Debbie came in with white regrowth and brown ends on very curly hair. She said the magic words, ‘Do whatever you want,’ and so I did,” Christopher captioned the video. “She didn’t know her ideal colors where were not gray and black, but warm and spring like colors. Not an easy correction but the strawberry blonde with highlights was exactly it. Width in shape to bring the focus up to her eyes, and “just a touch” of makeup. Not really. We completely recreated her face with the help of contour, color and brows.”

Check out her makeover for yourself below!


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