Young Boy Gets His Tongue Stuck On Pole While Mimicking Scene From ‘A Christmas Story’

A classic scene from the legendary Christmas movie “A Christmas Story” just became a reality when an 11 year-old boy from Illinois got his tongue stuck on an icy pole.

Spencer Cline was trying to recreate what the character of Flick did in the movie last week while sledding in the town of Sandwich. He said that he did so to see if a person’s tongue really could get stuck on an icy pole.

He immediately found out that it could indeed.

“Since I’ve seen the movie I was kind of tempted to lick the pole,” Spencer said. “I never thought it worked that way.”

He knew right away that he’d made a big mistake.

“I tried to pull it back,” he added. “It just stuck on there.”

Spencer tried over and over again to get his tongue off the pole, but it would not budge! He finally got the attention of his friend, Cole Leeper, who ran to a nearby house to grab help.

“I went to the nearest house. I said I need hot water,” Leeper said, explaining that the homeowner didn’t have any. “I said, ‘Well can you call 911?’”

Spencer said that his tongue was stuck to the pole for around six minutes before he was finally able to get it off just as emergency responders were arriving.

“It finally peeled off,” he said.

“I’m pretty sure some of my taste buds are still on the pole,” Spencer continued, saying that his mouth was full of blood. He didn’t have to go to the hospital and was able to go right home to have pizza with his family, but his tongue did feel sore as he ate.

“It kind of burned a little bit from the sauce,” he said.

Ironically, Scott Schwartz, who played Flick, is visiting a nearby movie theater this week. Spencer’s father said that the family plans to attend the event to try and meet him.

As for Spencer, he doesn’t plan to try this stunt again.

“I’m not ever going to do that again,” he said. “You think that would be fun, but it’s not.”


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