The Wissmann Family is Using Their Music to Share God’s Love This Holiday Season

If you’ve never heard the Wissmann family sing, there’s no time like the present to give their music a try. The group has pure family values, but their music is what is getting everyone’s attention. In the video below, the group joins together to share their upbeat version of “Good Christian Men Rejoice” and it is just in time for Christmas.

This group belts out the words to the song in a beautiful winter setting and their voices blend perfectly. With their pure Christian values, and beautiful voices, this group is one that every Christian should take the time to hear.

The Wissmanns aren’t just good at singing either. Spreading God’s love is something that they strive to do in their every day lives too. They have a family ministry that goes to federal prisons to share God’s word with those that need it the most.

The family says they started the ministry together before they ever sang as a family. They said their dad would go to the local jail and hold Bible studies with the inmates. Their father would come home with prayer requests from the inmates and then the family would pray for them together. When God opened the doors for them to sing as a family, they decided it was only right to take their music to the prisons.

Although they had to jump through a lot of hoops and spend plenty of time in prayer to get in to the prisons, the family now takes their music to prisons all over the country. They share God’s love with everyone that they can. Now the family of 13 (not all of them appear in the video below) are an inspiring group that uses their music to share their faith.

Check out the video below to hear their newest Christmas song and be sure to share this inspiring group with your family and friends.


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