Sisters Gave Birth to Twins but There’s Only One Mom

Joby and Annie Johnston had been struggling to have a child for five years. They had tried multiple rounds of treatments for infertility and each one had failed. They were almost ready to give up when Annie’s older sister, Chrissy, gave them one more options. Chrissy had two children of her own and had not had any problems carrying her boys.

Watching her little sister struggle through so many frustrations was more than she could handle, so she made a decision to do something to help. She offered to be surrogate for Annie and Joby. Annie and Joby couldn’t believe what Chrissy was offering them, but quickly agreed to give it one more try. They approached their fertility doctor with the idea who didn’t hesitate to get things going.

The doctor implanted Chrissy with two embryos and because Annie was also on the same cycle, they placed two embryos inside Annie just to give her one more try at carrying her own child. It wasn’t long before both sisters began noticing the same symptoms and believed that they might both be pregnant. The doctors brought Annie in to do her ultrasound first.

Inside her womb they found two little sacks and two little flickering heartbeats. Sure enough, Annie was indeed pregnant with her own babies. Now it was time to examine Chrissy.

When the doctor performed the ultrasound on Chrissy, the family discovered that they had a new problem. After five years of struggling to get pregnant, Joby and Annie were now going to have not one or two babies, but four!

To make matters even more exciting, the sisters opted to have c-section deliveries to bring the babies into the world. Chrissy gave birth first so Annie could be on hand to watch her boys be born. Charlie and Tommy were born perfectly healthy.

Next it was Annie’s turn to bring the two girls into the world. Just moments after her sister, Annie welcomed daughters Gracie and Haddie to make the Johnston family a tribe of six.

Even though the family knows how hard it will be to go from having no children to four, Annie and Joby say they wouldn’t want it any other way. Check out the story about the sisters below and be sure to share this heartwarming tale with your family and friends.


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