Shoplifter Cracks Up Store Employees

While we’d like to think that shoplifting is uncommon, it is likely much more common than we realize. Most of us have taken something at one point, even if it was on accident. Regardless of the circumstances, stealing something will leave us feeling guilty if we don’t fess up, but for one dog, that might not be the case. This guy was caught red handed on a security camera and didn’t seem to think twice.

The husky dog simply walks right into the store like he’s been there dozens of times. He walks up and down the aisles until he finds exactly what he is looking for. Eventually he finds exactly what he wants – a big, tasty bone. He then heads out the store like it was just another day. No one seemed to blink an eye, but someone was watching.

The security cameras watched the pup enter the door and spotted him as he strolled the aisles looking for his favorite part of the store. Oddly enough, the dog walked past all the tasty human food. He knew exactly what he was after and he wasn’t going to settle for anything else. He finally spotted the pet aisle and nabbed himself up a delicious rawhide bone.

Without a second thought, he sped out the front door leaving all the workers in the store rolling with laughter. They didn’t even know exactly how to handle the incident because it had never happened before.

Check out the video below to see the pooch in action. This is proof that even animals don’t want to wait until Christmas to get their favorite gifts.


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