Photo of Homeless Dog With All His Belongings in Trash Bag Goes Viral

Poor Wall-E has been adopted from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control not once, but twice. The lab mix was just a youngster when he was adopted the first time.

Sadly, Wall-E was returned to the shelter in September because his family’s circumstances had changed and they could no longer keep him. They had given him a loving family and home for several years and were devastated at having to give him up.

His family left him at the shelter with all of his belongings bundled up into two bags and Wall-E was devastated. He was anxious and confused and didn’t understand what he had done to deserve being abandoned again. The shelter environment wasn’t anything like what Wall-E was used to. It was crowded so he couldn’t have his bed or toys in his kennel. Eventually he became depressed, defensive, and hostile.

The shelter staff knew that this wasn’t like Wall-E. He used to be a happy and loving dog. Still, because of the way he acted in the kennel, he continued to get passed up by potential adopters. For two months, Wall-E sat in the shelter. That’s when one of the volunteers decided to try something different to get Wall-E a new home. But she had no idea how well her idea would work.

She decided to take a picture with Wall-E and all of his belongings bagged up next to him. She knew the photo would be heartbreaking and get attention, but she had no idea just how much it would blow up.

Within minutes of the photo being posted on social media, plenty of people were ready to take Wall-E home, but it was Lynn Lee that knew she had to have him the moment she saw him. She rushed to the shelter as fast as she could and adopted Wall-E. Now he gets to be cuddled, go to dog parks, and have the loving family that he once had enjoyed before.

Wall-E has his smile back and a new mom that will love him unconditionally. He even has a new dog bed and toys that he doesn’t have to be separated from.

Check out the video of Wall-E enjoying his new family below and be sure to share this heartwarming story with your family and friends.

ADOPTED 11/25/18❤️WALL-E❤️He is the sweetest lab mix ! Good on leash 5-6 years oldPotty trained So well behaved Good with kids Scared in play group ( must have dog intro ) Wall-e was dropped off by his owner. They said they had no time for him. They brought his bed and all his toys with him and dropped them all off with him. Unfortunately none of his stuff is with him now and he’s been at the shelter for months. This poor guy does not deserve this 💔💔💔#A3664523Maricopa county animal care and control2500 S 27th Ave Phoenix,Am 85009

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Friday, November 23, 2018


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