Jennifer Nettles Wows With This Holiday Mashup

Country star Jennifer Nettles made her way into the spotlight with the band Sugarland, but has since went on to become a star all on her own. When you hear her vocals in the video below, you’ll understand why.

Nettles released the song in the video on her Christmas album last year, and although it featured many favorite holiday hits, this one might just be the best one on it. She takes the holiday classic “O’Holy Night” and combines it with “Hallelujah” a favorite Christmas classic written by Leonard Cohen. The mashup of the two she creates is absolutely stunning.

Nettles was the first female artist to get the award for ACM Song of the Year since 1972 and it’s because she puts such passion into her powerful voice when she sings. Just watching the video you can see the compassion and warmth she has and it shines in her music. She puts her own spin on all the holiday songs she sings and this one is no different.

She says her Christmas album is all about celebrating the season and the live performance she gave at the SiriusXM studio below treats the crowd to a twist of country throughout her holiday medleys.

Nettles has a very distinct and unmistakable voice and she sings with her entire heart and soul. When you hear the music in the video below you’ll be cheering along just like the crowd. Check it out and be sure to share it with your family and friends.


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