Dog With Tons Of Energy Fails Service Dog Training In Hilarious Way

Just like how not all people are suitable for the service industry, not all dogs are able to go into service themselves. The dog in this video is definitely one of those canines who may want to look for a different career!

Meet Ryker, a German Shepherd who was trying his hardest to become a certified service dog while being trained at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. Though he wants to make his trainers proud of him, Ryker also really wants to chase tennis balls around!

Becoming a service dog is far more difficult than most people would think it is, as it requires lots of training. Service dogs have to be trained to help people with a wide variety of health ailments, including physical, sensory, intellectual, or even emotional disabilities. This video shows just how difficult getting trained to do this can be.

The video opens with Ryker trying to move an empty wheelchair around, only to chew on it and topple it instead. A man then comes in using a walker with tennis balls on the legs, a common piece of medical equipment that service animals have to get used to. As soon as he sees the tennis balls, however, Ryker throws his training out the window!

Ryker starts attacking the tennis balls with everything he has as his fellow service dogs look on with disgust.

Ryker is then tasked with helping a man in a wheelchair, but he once again loses it when someone throws a tennis ball!

“Every dog has a purpose 🙂,” the training facility wrote when adding the video to social media. “Clearly Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog. Check out this video documenting his good hearted attempt 😳. Disclaimer: This Training was attempted by trained professionals 😳do not try at home.”

It seems to me that instead of becoming a service dog, Ryker is destined to be a loving companion for a family! Check out his hilarious escapades below!


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