Woman Born In 1900 Celebrates 118th Birthday In Adorable Way

Meet Julia Flores, a Bolivian woman born in 1900 who just celebrated her 118th birthday!

Julia celebrated her landmark birthday at the end of October with a party that was thrown for her by her family and friends. At the party, Julia enjoyed her birthday by eating cake and playing the charango, a kind of lute, as her loved ones clapped along to the music.

The oldest age that a human ever reached is 122, so Julia is just a few years away from shattering that record!

“If you would have told me you were coming, I’d have remembered all the songs,” Julia joked.

Julia lives in a small mud-brick house in the town of Sacaba with her 65 year-old grand-niece as well as the many dogs, cats and chickens that they take care of. She is a beloved figure in Sacaba, where she is lovingly nicknamed “Mama Julia.”

“It’s a day of recognition for us, to celebrate the oldest woman in our country,” Juan Carvajal, a public employee in Sacaba.

“She’s always been active, easygoing and fun,” said Agustina Berna, the grand-niece who cares for Julia.

Born on October 26, 1900, Julia would have the title of the oldest woman in the world if the Guinness Book of World Records could verify her records. However, Guinness has not received any application from her, and Julia does not seem to care about breaking the record.

We hope Julia enjoys many birthdays to come! She seems like one fun and amazing woman!

Find out more about Julia in the video below.


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