Taco Bell Throws 106th Birthday Party For Beloved Regular Customer

Taco Bell just went above and beyond to make one of their most loyal customer’s birthdays a special one by throwing her a birthday party!

Myrtis Jewel Painter has spent the last eight years frequenting her local Taco Bell in Phoenix, Arizona. When the franchise’s owner Gleg Gladden heard that Myrtis was about to turn 106, he decided that he wanted to throw her a very special birthday party at the restaurant to show her how loved she is!

The employees worked tirelessly to decorate the restaurant before Myrtis arrived to celebrate with her family and friends.

“At 106? And they want to come to Taco Bell? And hang out with me?” Gleg said. “It’s just amazing.”

Myrtis, who was born in 1912 in Texas and has lived in Phoenix since 1932, enjoyed a taco and an enchilada for her meal at the party. She said she could not have asked for a better birthday.

“I think Taco Bell is a good place to come to, I really do,” Myrtis said.

We applaud Taco Bell for showing this valued customer how much they care about her on her special day, and we wish Myrtis many more birthdays to come!

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